More Baby Stuff

Baby sets are adorable!  Here are a few I’ve been working on:

Baby Blue Set

Baby Blues

I got the Bear Ear Hat from:

Then I just added some bear ears 🙂

The Blanket is a simple v-stitch.

The stuff animal is a Boo-Boo Baby Bear, this stuff animal you can use as a fever reducer and the inside is filled with dry beans so it can get cold when put in the freezer.  I will put this pattern in the Favorites Tab.


Nothing says FOOTBALL then this set:

Football Baby

Football Time

The Blanket is a smaller version of the the ripple afghan.

The football hat and booties are your typical infant hat and shoes.

The stuff football I got at:


Lovely Baby Set:

The baby dress I got from:

There are numerous dresses to pick from but I chose the Red Crochet Newborn Dress.

The diaper cover is your typical infant cover except I added ruffles on the bum.

The Bonnet I got from:

The Owl Lovey I got from:

The Fancy Blanket I got from:


I had such a great time making all these baby sets in the last two months, it was a joy 🙂



Little “Thank You” Gifts

Made a few little things that I saw while browsing online for little gifts:

Soap Savers:  Found this on my favorite site

It has little bumps on the sides and is a great scrubber, made a few for friends and for my self 🙂


Massage Soap Saver


Beach Tote:  A fun little bag that I filled up with goodies as a “thank you” for a friend.

Beach Tote

Beach Tote

I put two wine bottles in here when I gave it as a gift, but in this picture I put a gallon milk jug!  I will have to put this pattern in the “favorites tab” as I saw this in a magazine.


So a lot of friends are having babies and I just love it!  I’ve been making a few fun things for newborns and blankets, here is one.




I got this Mermaid Cocoon from:

I got the hat pattern by browsing All Free Crochet Patterns:


Car Seat Cover Blanket, this size is for newborns.




I got this one from multiple sites but I made mine in a circular pattern:




The car seat covers are such a great idea that I may have to make a few more 🙂

College Bound

It’s that time where young adults go out into world and discover themselves through college, so here is my college gift:

The Rippled Afghan pattern is in the favorites tab.  The colors on this blanket are chocolate, white and lettuce from Red Heart yarn and I got the lettering from

There is also a great tutorial for sewing the letters, I’m not very good at it yet but practice makes you better!

Keeping Busy

So I forgot to post anything last month due to the fact that Easter kind of came up fast and things just got kinda busy.  I did manage to make a few things that I was very excited about:

Can’t have Easter without this cute amigurumi little bunny:


Got this free PDF download pattern from:

My first purse:


Got this pattern from:

Great tutorial!


This cute little wrap made from those cute little Caron Cakes, this color is called Strawberry Trifle:


I will have to find this pattern as I have misplaced it somewhere.






New Year

Took a bit of a break on the month of January to work on a few things at home but I started back up again 🙂  So here are few things I’ve been working on.

Newborn Baby Set:

Dolphins fan, I got the helmet pattern from

Baby Set

Dolphins Fan


A Cowl:

I got this cute pattern from Caron Cakes, those cute balls of yarn with pretty mixed colors, I think this one is Strawbery Trifle.  I will post this pattern on the favorites tab 🙂

Spring Cowl

Spring Cowl


A few Valentine Hearts:


Heart Pot Holders


Heart Doilies








I got the pot holder pattern from:

Holiday Cheer

The holidays are a fun time to think of fun unique gifts and here are a few that I loved making.

Ear warmers and matching infinity scarf:  Made from Red Heart “Real Teal” yarn.  This pattern is very unique because the maker found a way to stop the “curling” with the ribbing!  Pattern from All Free Crochet:


Women’s Textured and Ribbed Ear Warmer with Matching Scarf


Ornaments:  My favorite has to be the pandas, just adorable with scarves 🙂

Found these adorable teddy ornaments pattern at:

The Santa and Rudolph pattern were from a kit at Barnes and Noble.  Totally worth getting because you can get a book with the whole lot of characters from the movie.

Got the Pineapple Christmas Tree ornaments from:


My absolute favorite is the doilies, can’t seem to get enough of them!

I will put the pattern for my favorite “The Love Birds” on the favorites tab.