More Baby Stuff

Baby sets are adorable!Ā  Here are a few I’ve been working on:

Baby Blue Set

Baby Blues

I got the Bear Ear Hat from:

Then I just added some bear ears šŸ™‚

The Blanket is a simple v-stitch.

The stuff animal is a Boo-Boo Baby Bear, this stuff animal you can use as a fever reducer and the inside is filled with dry beans so it can get cold when put in the freezer.Ā  I will put this pattern in theĀ Favorites Tab.


Nothing says FOOTBALL then this set:

Football Baby

Football Time

The Blanket is a smaller version of the the ripple afghan.

The football hat and booties are your typical infant hat and shoes.

The stuff football I got at:


Lovely Baby Set:

The baby dress I got from:

There are numerous dresses to pick from but I chose the Red Crochet Newborn Dress.

The diaper cover is your typical infant cover except I added ruffles on the bum.

The BonnetĀ I got from:

The Owl Lovey I got from:

The Fancy BlanketĀ I got from:


I had such a great time making all these baby sets in the last two months, it was a joy šŸ™‚