Year 2019:

Surprisingly busy last year, still going strong and leveling up my skills.  I cant say I’m not really close to becoming an expert in crochet but still plugging along and learning a lot of new techniques.

Year 2017:

Wow, what an exciting new year!  I took a much needed break on the month of January and worked on a few side projects.  I have been slowly improving and learning tremendously.  I’ve worked hard and bumped my crochet skill level to intermediate but gradually entering the “expertise” patterns.  Making the doilies have enhanced my skills and this wonderful book “A to Z of Crochet: The ultimate Guide for the beginner to Advanced Crocheter,” is an incredible help.  It’s a great way to quickly brush up on different types of edging and proper crochet methods on complicated stitching.  I think the bonus part of this book is that it has a complete guide on hook sizes!

Year 2016:

What a great way to end the year and 2016 is starting off well.  Thank you everyone for your support and its a great feeling to know that I’m not only one out there with these same feelings.  I’ve come to a realization that my happiness is dependent on the happiness of my family and especially my children.

Year 2015:

Being a stay at home mom has been the best experience in my life.  I’ve never had a stable home or family so being able to be there for my children has been an amazing experience.  It helps that I have a very supportive spouse but it has been overwhelming.  I will have to admit that this by far is the hardest and most important job I have ever encountered but crocheting has alleviated some of that stress.  I find myself enjoying making something by hand and giving a little happiness that I have created to others, it lifts my spirits as well as theirs.  I am humbled and feel very blessed.


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