Fun month to make some Valentine’s Day gifts 🙂

First I made flower tea light holders, these came out really pretty:

Got this pattern from:



I also made these goody bags:

Crocheted Stuff

Heart Goody Bags



Gift Ideas

Busy month of December making gifts for loved ones, here are a few:

Made about two dozen of these Angels, they are great for ornaments or book marks:




I originally made these as dish scrubbers but I was told by few that they were great ornaments as well as a body scrubber.  I did a few adjustments  and made a 3D flower.

Bath or Kitchen

Bath body scrubbers or dish scrubbers

I got this pattern from:



Baby Santa Hat, I used BLO only to have that line look on the outside and changed the pom poms so I can put a small bell inside.



Baby Santa Hat, size 3-6 months

Got this pattern from:



Of course it wouldn’t be Christmas without this guy, Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer:



I got this pattern from a book at Barnes and Noble


Infinity scarf, ear warmers and finger-less glove set, one of my best gift sets!  The scarf and ear warmers yarn is from Red Heart Plum color and the gloves is from the Deborah Norville Collection color Violas.


The infinity scarf and ear warmers are a pattern that I previously posted but he finger-less gloves I got from:


She has an amazing pattern for the Griddle Stitch Mitts

More Baby Stuff

Baby sets are adorable!  Here are a few I’ve been working on:

Baby Blue Set

Baby Blues

I got the Bear Ear Hat from:


Then I just added some bear ears 🙂

The Blanket is a simple v-stitch.

The stuff animal is a Boo-Boo Baby Bear, this stuff animal you can use as a fever reducer and the inside is filled with dry beans so it can get cold when put in the freezer.  I will put this pattern in the Favorites Tab.


Nothing says FOOTBALL then this set:

Football Baby

Football Time

The Blanket is a smaller version of the the ripple afghan.

The football hat and booties are your typical infant hat and shoes.

The stuff football I got at:



Lovely Baby Set:

The baby dress I got from:


There are numerous dresses to pick from but I chose the Red Crochet Newborn Dress.

The diaper cover is your typical infant cover except I added ruffles on the bum.

The Bonnet I got from:


The Owl Lovey I got from:


The Fancy Blanket I got from:



I had such a great time making all these baby sets in the last two months, it was a joy 🙂


Little “Thank You” Gifts

Made a few little things that I saw while browsing online for little gifts:

Soap Savers:  Found this on my favorite site mooglyblog.com

It has little bumps on the sides and is a great scrubber, made a few for friends and for my self 🙂


Massage Soap Saver



Beach Tote:  A fun little bag that I filled up with goodies as a “thank you” for a friend.

Beach Tote

Beach Tote

I put two wine bottles in here when I gave it as a gift, but in this picture I put a gallon milk jug!  I will have to put this pattern in the “favorites tab” as I saw this in a magazine.


So a lot of friends are having babies and I just love it!  I’ve been making a few fun things for newborns and blankets, here is one.




I got this Mermaid Cocoon from: https://thewhoot.com/crochet/crochet-mermaid-cocoon

I got the hat pattern by browsing All Free Crochet Patterns: jessieathome.com/gracie-baby-hat/


Car Seat Cover Blanket, this size is for newborns.




I got this one from multiple sites but I made mine in a circular pattern:

1. www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/basic-car-seat-tent

2. coolcreativity.com/crochet/crochet-baby-car-seat-cover-with-pattern/


The car seat covers are such a great idea that I may have to make a few more 🙂

College Bound

It’s that time where young adults go out into world and discover themselves through college, so here is my college gift:

The Rippled Afghan pattern is in the favorites tab.  The colors on this blanket are chocolate, white and lettuce from Red Heart yarn and I got the lettering from https://www.mooglyblog.com/the-moogly-crochet-alphabet/

There is also a great tutorial for sewing the letters, I’m not very good at it yet but practice makes you better!